March 9, 2010 | Barb Carr

Learn Best Practices in Human Factors and Behavior Change

Ralph Brickey will be sharing “Ideas for Changing Behavior When Working Outside Western Culture” at the 2010 Summit in San Antonio, Texas (October 27-29, 2010).

This session will explore issues of working with conflicting cultural thought when seeking to establish norms for investigations and implementing change in other cultures. Through a simple exercise participants will first examine a few of their own western “norms” and then apply these in a case study involving an investigation of a confined space incident that resulted in the deaths of two workers in an eastern culture.

brickeypic1Ralph Brickey’s experience in facilitating individuals and teams through transformational change has given him an appreciation for the potential for sustainable high performance within every organization. His work with exceptional leaders at all levels has confirmed the importance of developing the spirit of leaders to enable them to inspire organizations to achieve results. Ralph works with organizations to prepare and empower facilitators and culture change leaders to effectively impact the attainment of a thriving high performance culture.

Ralph has ten years experience facilitating insight-based learning experiences and working with teams to enhance effectiveness and performance. He has facilitated numerous root cause analysis learning experiences with many corporate clients throughout the United States and Canada. He has a special interest in improving cultures to impact safety in organizations. As program manager for Tennessee Valley Authority’s STAR 7 culture-shaping program, Ralph coached both internal facilitators and executives on their leadership skills. His successful experience with executives, first line leaders, and union members has given him unique insights into thriving cultures and the ability to move comfortably from sector to sector when working with organizations.

Ralph holds a Doctor of Education in Collaborative Learning from the University of Tennessee. His research interests are dialogue and reflective practice. Ralph is curious about almost everything and interested in the rest. He is beginning to research the impact of culture on safety within high risk organizations. He has represented the University of Tennessee in facilitating two seminars on Action Research in Thailand.

Ralph lives in Kingston, Tennessee with his wife Janice. Ralph enjoys traveling and exploring out of the way places. He is very interested in amateur archaeology and has visited the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia, Authyia in Thailand, the Khyber Pass in Pakistan/Afghanistan, and most of the major pyramids and sites in Mexico and Central America. He enjoys playing with his three young grandsons and introducing them to bicycles, motorcycles, jeeps, caves, cliffs and kayaks, just a few of his many and varied interests. He frequently rides long distance bicycle tours both solo and with groups. His longest ride was a 3,000 mile Pacific to the Atlantic coast ride in 27 days.

“As an explorer, I am excited about partnering with organizations to explore and appreciate together what I believe is the unlimited potential for growth and excellence of performance in both individuals and teams to create healthy high performance safety cultures.”

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