August 12, 2010 | Barb Carr

Learn Corrective Action Program Best Practices

The TapRooT® Summit has a Best Practices Track focused on improving Corrective Action Programs (learn more about the presenters on the Summit website). The specific sessions for this track include:

Getting “Outside the Box” Corrective Actions

Having trouble getting away from those old, standard corrective actions that don’t seem to last? Michele Lindsay will help you get a glimpse on how to best use your most valuable resource, your intellectual capital in coming up with corrective actions that are new, different and effective. Tap into the creativity that we all have, but often can’t find in this fun, fast moving and innovative session.

Using TapRooT® for Regulatory Safety Compliance

Learn how one of the world’s most successful airlines is driving safety compliance by using TapRooT®. Dave Janney, SI Sr. Associate and former FAA Liason at Delta Air Lines will provide framework for the regulatory compliance environment in the industry, and Rick Diamond and Joe Fresquez from Southwest Airlines will discuss how SWA is using TapRooT® in the regulatory oversight function in its aircraft maintenance division.

Sticky Corrective Actions

In this session, learn:

1) Corrective Action Best Practices from PCS

2) A Consultive Process for Corrective Action Development

Making Bad Corrective Actions SMARTER

Kevin Palardy and Ralph Brickey will present how to make bad corrective actions SMARTER.



.Advanced Ideas for Corrective Actions

In this session, Dan Daamen will present Using Risk to Rank Corrective Actions.

The value of determining corrective actions and making recommendations is directly correlated to having senior leaders in an organization “buy in” and support implementing change. The fact of the matter that in today’s business environment that even competition within a company for funding is fierce. This session provides a high level view of business tools and approaches that can assist EHS professionals in providing effective justifications for proceeding with recommendations that provide an overall benefit for employees and the organization..

Corrective Actions for Culture Problems (Fixing Employee Communications NI + More)

Michele Lindsay, Brian A. Tink, and Brian W. Tink are the presenters for this informative session.  Have you created some corrective actions that look great on paper, but when implemented have had little or no effect? You may be missing a very important, yet often overlooked, aspect to your organization … its culture. Organizational culture has been proven to have a measurable and significant impact on safety, job performance, and the organization’s bottom line. Find out how you can create corrective actions that can improve your performance while positively shaping your organization’s culture.

Closing the Loop: Corrective Action Effectiveness Reviews

Heidi Reed and Barry Baumgardner will show how to close the loop with Corrective Action Effectiveness Reviews.



Coach for Improved Corrective Action Development & Implementation

Executive Coach Jennifer Mounce is returning to the Summit for the second year.  Participants walk away from this session with coaching skills and a coaching model that can be used in any work environment to support improving human performance in the workplace.



AND DON’T FORGET our 2010 Keynote speakers.


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