January 13, 2009 | Dave Janney

Leaving it up to the general public or fixing the system? What’s your vote?

Read this:



“With the number of accidents growing, and influx of students coming, Tempe and light-rail officials are calling on Valley residents, especially those who travel near the Tempe campus, to pay closer attention as they learn to navigate roads that as light rail’s Dec. 27 launch, are frequented with trains.”

“Christina Sternberg, an ASU graduate who now works with the university’s intercollegiate athletics department, said she was driving in the area when the train and truck collided last week.”

“People are used to walking around here and now there’s these trains coming and I don’t know that it’s necessarily enough just to ticket people,” she said. “They need a few big signs posted at the major crosswalks.  Something that says, ‘Be reminded that the trains are here.'”

Hmm……am I the only one who read this story and thinks they should fix the systemic issues rather than relying on the general public?  Maybe they should hire the lady that was quoted to give them some ideas.   

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