September 4, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Long Distance Outage Incident

cnet news reports:

Qwest Communications confirmed Thursday that the company experienced a long distance outage that lasted about two and a half hours.

Wow! A two hour outage in long distance service is like a lifetime. That’s a significant quality of service issue. It would be interesting to see their root cause analysis and proposed corrective actions.

These kinds of issues (network reliability, computer reliability, service outages) can be analyzed using TapRooT® just like an equipment outage or a safety issue can be analyzed.

What we’ve found is that people make mistakes for the same kind of reasons whether they are a computer programmer, a refinery operator, or a brain surgeon. That’s why TapRooT® can be used in almost any industry and on every continent.

For more information about TapRooT®, including Success Stories from users (one from BellSouth about network reliability), see:

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