July 8, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Maintenance Accident Leads to Injuries, £170,000 in Fines, and £44,000 in Legal Costs

The accident happened almost a year ago, but the fines are now in after the case went before a judge as reported in an IOSH newsletter.

The UK HSE Safety Inspector involved in the case said during the hearing that:

The system used by HTL was plainly unsafe – men, working 10m and more up in the air, were manoeuvring bulky plant using inappropriate methods, on and above an inadequate working platform, with markedly inadequate protection from the drop beneath.


VESB failed to properly monitor or manage the work being carried out by HTL.

What did not properly managing and monitoring the work cost the company that hired the environmental services contractor? £22,000 in costs and a fine of £70,000.

How much root cause analysis and corrective actions could $92,000 pay for to prevent this type of accident? Lots.

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