October 14, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Major Surprise! Human Error May Have Caused 2005 Airliner Crash!

A recent AP story on the CNN web site had the following headline:

Authorities: Human error may have caused 2005 jet crash

The story said:

An initial analysis of the plane’s black box recorders suggests the pilots did not react appropriately when they tried to stabilize the plane as it went into a three-minute free fall, he said.

Another expert is still analyzing whether human error played a part, Bellanger said.

This is a 2005 crash and they are still trying to tell who is to blame.

Well, here is a news flash … Human Error is the Cause of Almost Every Accident!

In fact, it usually requires MULTIPLE human errors before a major accident happens.

So we can stop looking to place blame and START looking for the real root causes of the problem. WHY are people making mistakes?

Until you find and fix the root causes of problems, you are doomed to see them happen over and over again.

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