December 16, 2008 | Dave Janney

Mallorca Hotel Collapse Traps Workers Under Rubble


At least four workers were buried under tonnes of rubble when a hotel
on the Spanish island of Mallorca partially collapsed on Tuesday
following torrential rain, local officials said.Rescue teams sifted through the ruins of what had been the top four
floors of Hotel Son Moll — a nine-storey beachside tower in Cala
Rajada on the eastern tip of the Mediterranean island popular with
German tourists.

“The hotel was being refitted and was closed to the public. There
are four or five workers under the rubble,” an emergency services
spokesman said.

A local government official, who asked not to be named, said
preliminary investigations pointed to the possibility that the
building’s cement had weakened during two days of heavy rain.

The website of Spanish newspaper El Mundo said one worker had died
in the accident, however the local government official declined to
confirm the report.

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