August 1, 2019 | Mark Paradies

Marcus Miller Speaks about Improving Patient Safety with Advanced Root Cause Analysis

Advanced Root Cause Analysis to Improve Patient Safety

System Improvements’ Long History of Pushing for Improved Patient Safety

System Improvements is a Platinum sponsor at the Patient Safety Summit being held in Dallas. But this isn’t the first time SI has helped healthcare professionals learn about the use of advanced root cause analysis to improve patient safety. The first time was at the TapRooT® Summit in 1995. Since that Summit, all of our Summits have included sessions or tracks on improving patient safety.

Also, last year we published a new book:

Improving Patient Safety with TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis

And later this year we will introduce a new root cause analysis course specifically for healthcare and patient safety professionals (stay tuned).

Marcus Miller and Patient Safety

Marcus Miller is a Keynote Speaker at the Patient Safety Summit in Dallas. He is discussing the Causal Factors and potential root causes of a sentinel event that occurred at the Vanderbilt Medical Center (Nashville’s largest hospital).

Marcus has an excellent talk and has written (or spoken) about the incident several times on this blog:

But if you want to hear his talk about the incidents root causes, you will have to be at the Patient Safety Summit today.

Thanks, Marcus, for bringing the knowledge of advanced root cause analysis to a wider patient safety community.

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