November 10, 2011 | Mark Paradies

Mark Attends European Health Safety Committee of the Conference Board Meeting in Dublin

Had a great meeting learning about behavior based safety applications in Europe.

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The meeting was hosted by Diageo in Dublin. Diageo makes Bailey Irish Cream and Guinness (among other world famous drinks).

Img 1469

The meeting included tours of the Baileys Irish Cream production facility and the Guinness Warehouse (an international tourist destination in Dublin).

Img 1472

Img 1475

Employes of Diageo shared their stories of success and safety and health managers from around Europe shared their ideas about behavior based safety and safety improvement in general.

Img 1477

Why does Mark (President of System Improvements) travel to Europe to attend a meeting on health and safety? Because we at System Improvements think it is important to incorporate the latest international best practices and ideas into TapRooT®. That’s why you will see key System Improvement employees at conferences around the world. We believe that keeping up with the ideas that are developing in health and safety, quality, equipment reliability, and human factors is the only way to make sure that TapRooT® stays the state of the art in root cause analysis.

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