February 3, 2011 | Mark Paradies

Mark & Linda Go To Dinner With LinkedIn Friends in Milan

When I travel, I try to keep in touch with my LinkedIn connections. I’ve found it fun to meet connections face-to-face and go to dinner when I travel to distant cities.

Last night we had a great dinner in Milan (Italian food is always wonderful and the conversation was also great!).

Img 0974

Pictured are Linda Unger, Olivera Batoz, Girolamo Basile, and Mark Paradies.

If you would like to join my LinkedIn Network and perhaps sometime go to dinner to discuss root cause analysis and other performance improvement initiatives, send me an invitation on my public LinkedIn profile page:


Then click on the “View Mark Paradies’s full profile;” button (if you are not a member of LinkedIn, you will need to join and set up a free profile first).

Next, click on the “Add Mark to your network” link on the right.

Then click the “We’ve done business together” button and the “Send Invitation” button.

That’s it. I’ll accept your invitations and we’ll be connected though LinkedIn!

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