January 2, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Mark Paradies Reaches Over 700 Connections on LinkedIn®

Keeping connected with TapRooT® Users is an important part of my job. It helps me get new ideas about root cause analysis and incident investigation; ways to improve human performance; and ways to improve TapRooT®.

In the past we’ve worked on keeping connected at the TapRooT® Summits, by our newsletters, by this blog, and through our TapRooT® Advisory Board.

Now we are working on keeping connected by new technology – social networking. I’m using the business social networking site – LinkedIn – to connect with both potential and existing TapRooT® Users.

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I started this new way of staying connected back in August when I started my LinkedIn account. About the same time, Chris Vallee, who also works at SI, started a group for TapRooT® Users (TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Users & Friends).

The TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Users and Friends group now has 165 members and is the largest LinkedIn group for people interested in root cause analysis.

As of January 1, my LinkedIn profile has over 700 connections (individual people I am linked to and get updates from) and I’m also a member of about 50 groups.

If you would like to link up with me, see my LinkedIn profile at:


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