April 1, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Mark Paradies to Speak at Conference Board European Safety Group Meeting in Dublin


(Source: H.W. Heinrich, Industrial Accident Prevention, 3rd edition, 1950)

Did you ever wonder about the source of the ” accident pyramid” or the “iceberg” of causes (accidents at the tip and unsafe acts at the bottom)?


Mark Paradies will be talking about the source of these models and the problems one might have applying them. When? June 1. Where? Dublin, Ireland at the Conference Board European Safety Group Meeting.

If you are a member of the Conference Board in Europe Safety Group, I hope to see you there.

Not a member? Let me know and we can sit down and discuss over a beer at a pub. (use the “Contact Us” button above.)

(Note: Here is a past blog article about the accident pyramid:


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