April 12, 2011 | Mark Paradies

Mark Tops 4000 LinkedIn Contacts

Screen Shot 2011-04-12 At 4.16.47 Pm

I’d like to be linked to every reader of this blog. If you would like to join my network, see my profile at:


To send me an invitation, click on the words “Add Mark to your network” in the upper right part of the page.

In the next box that comes up, click on the “We’ve done business together” button and select the name of your current company; type any note you would like to send in the box; and then hit “Send Invitation”.

That’s it!

Now for a question … Why would you like to join my network?

Perhaps the best reason is that as I travel, I try to invite prople from my network out to dinner. We have interesting conversations about performance improvement, root cause analysis, and many other diverse topics.

Of course, that’s just a start. The business social networking phenomenon is just starting to take off and it is amazing what you can learn from a large network.

Please send me your invitation to join your network (and thereby join mine) today!

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