January 16, 2007 |

Mark’s Computer Hard Disk Goes Clunk

You know you had a bad day when:

1. Your hard disk crashes.

2. You replace the hard disk and try to load your “daily” automatic backup and it’s blank.

3. You load your last “complete” automatic backup (about three weeks old) and it is blank too.

4. You finally find a backup that’s not blank and it is 4 months old.

5. You send the broken hard disk off to the people who are the experts in disk recovery and they say – “Sorry – it’s unrecoverable.”

That’s what happened to me last week.

Luckily, I have a wonderful staff and they are helping me recover.

But for now, I won’t be posting on the blog or responding to routine e-mails.

Ken and Barbara will be keeping you up-to-date on the blog.

Barbara will be answering my e-mails.

And I will be on a one month sabbatical to get the new version of the TapRooT® Book completed.

By the way, the book writing process is going well and I will post some samples on this blog as we progress.

As for our “investigation” of the failure, it is complete and the corrective actions have been implemented. Next time, there will be a backup and an additional backup. And they will be checked as working appropriately on a weekly basis.

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