July 29, 2009 | Dave Janney

Massachusetts Safety Board “Loses Confidence” in General Manager

Here is the story:


Excerpts (in quotes):

“What this whole thing boils down to is, I think, a very sad attempt to exploit two accidents involving human error — which was the conclusion of the National Transportation Safety Board. I think people see it for what this is, which is just more obvious politics from the Patrick administration and his appointees.”

Hmm……am I reading this right?  Are they implying that human error can not be prevented?  That’s the way I read it.

“Federal safety officials denounced the MBTA’s “lack of a safety culture” earlier this month as they released a report on the accident.”

Lack of a safety culture….not a good thing.  But we have politics involved so things are looking a little crazy right now!

This kind of article really “gets my goat” because all it focuses on is blame, with no mention of an attempt to fix the problems.  I sure hope they get it together before someone else is hurt.

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