May 5, 2009 |

Meet Our Staff: Accounting

Not Just Bean Counters!

The Accounting Department at System Improvements, Inc. is not your ordinary group of accountants. “We are a fun group of people,” said Cherie Larson, Accountant. “We laugh and joke and just have a really good time with our jobs.”

Cherie oversees the department. She is responsible for payroll, HR issues, preparation of financial statements, and maintains the company’s financial stability—just to name a few of her many tasks.

As a CPA and with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Cherie has input in a lot of areas in the company. “Every department has financial aspects, so I’m called on to take care of many different issues.”

Cherie said she loves the people she works with and the company in general. “This is just a fantastic place to work. You will never find kinder people. I definitely enjoy my job…I have a passion for accounting. I get to see the big picture and that makes my job worthwhile and exciting.”

The others who make up the accounting department are equally enthusiastic about their jobs. Debbie Rice, Accounting Associate, works with contract instructors to get them paid and works with clients to invoice the courses. She also takes care of digital deposits of checks and vendor requests. She echoes what Cherie had to say: “I absolutely love the people at System Improvements—and especially my department. It is the best work environment I have ever experienced.” Debbie also is a CPA and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Cathy Dunning is the Accounts Receivable Associate. “I am a people person,” Cathy said. “I love working with people.” And work with people she does! Cathy is responsible for all the receivables for the onsite public courses as well as all the billings. “I get to work with the clients and I love it. Interacting directly with the public really suits my personality…and when it comes to our department here, I’ve never found an easier, more fun group to work with.” Cathy has been with the company for two years and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Keeping things running clerically is Accounting Clerk Lindsey Sowders. “She really keeps us from being overwhelmed with paperwork,” Cherie said. “She does all the data entry and filing and helps to keep us organized…she’s very responsible and reliable.” Lindsey is a student at The University of Tennessee majoring in advertising. She is also a DJ on the university’s radio station.

(Pictured below, left to right: Lindsey, Cherie, Debbie and Cathy)


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