March 3, 2009 | Barb Carr

Meet our Staff: Evan Erwin and Steve Raycraft

Here are two behind-the-scenes employees who make life easier for those of us who are technology challenged!

Evan Erwin, Network Administrator


Evan’s duties include all internal network support and managing our website, as well as providing Tier 2 technical support to TapRooT® software users. Before joining System Improvements in 2004, he worked with financial institutions to best assess their technical needs.

Evan was the recipient of our Excellence Award in 2006 because his work on this website helped spread the word about how the TapRooT® root cause analysis system can reduce injuries and save lives. You may also recognize Evan as a contributing writer to the Wednesday Root Cause Tips column on this blog.

Evan will be a co-facilitator (with Dan Verlinde) of the TapRooT® V5 Software User’s Forum at the 2009 TapRooT® Summit. This session will allow TapRooT® Software Users an opportunity to give feedback, ask questions, and gather knowledge on TapRooT® Software Technical Support including:

• Technical Support Knowledge Base

• Software Download Site

• Technical Support topics (FAQS)

• Feedback From Users on V5

• Questions about Future Products V5 (Web or General design)

• Contacting Technical Support

Steve Raycraft, Technical Support Specialist

Steve Raycraft

Steve Raycraft joined System Improvements, Inc. in 2007. He is also a contributing writer to the Root Cause Tips column, and his articles help users maximize the potential of TapRooT® software.

His background includes providing technical support to non-technical users; setting up hardware; troubleshooting hardware and software problems; and developing and implementing company network security policies and strategies. Steve has a B.A. in Business Administration from Washington State University.

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