March 31, 2009 |

Meet Our Staff: Katherine and Sara

“Attention to detail!” That’s how Katherine, Meeting Planner at System Improvements, Inc., sums up her job. “We coordinate more than 84 courses each year as well as the annual Summit,” Katherine said. “It’s very challenging, but it is also extremely rewarding.”

Sara, Katherine’s assistant, agrees. “It’s amazing how many things we juggle at once to keep all the courses organized…it definitely keeps us on our toes.” Sara, also a student at the University of Tennessee, is a valued employee. “Sara and I work very well together,” Katherine said. “It’s amazing how much the two of us accomplish.”

Katherine said their biggest challenge in 2009 is the economic environment and their efforts to “go green” when organizing the courses. “We work diligently with the hotels to make sure our participants have an educational experience and get the most for their money…we also are making enormous efforts, in cooperation with the hotels, to make environmental-friendly choices.”

The annual Summit will be held in Nashville, Tenn., this year on October 7. “This is our largest event of the year,” Sara said. “We have a great time organizing it…especially the reception which is a lot of fun.” The theme this year is Disco Fever, and there will be exhibits, food, prizes as well as a costume and dance contest. The band Entice will be the featured music.

“Every year,” Katherine said,” our participants tell us how much they enjoyed the Summit. Lots of valuable knowledge learned…then the reception for some well-deserved fun!”

Sara (left), Katherine (right)

Come network, learn, and have some fun in Nashville at this year’s Summit!

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