March 24, 2009 | Barb Carr

Meet Our Staff: Linda Unger


Linda Unger is Vice President of System Improvements, Inc. She first became involved in incident investigation and root cause analysis in 1986 as a field engineer working for DuPont where she performed investigations into operating and maintenance problems. Since that time she has become an expert in root cause analysis, incident investigation, and development of performance improvement programs. Currently, Linda helps clients use TapRooT® as part of their performance improvement program by developing implementation strategies. In addition, Linda is responsible for the development of the 2-Day TapRooT® Training program and licensing of TapRooT® Training and Software to clients. She also teaches TapRooT® Courses and is the co-author of the TapRooT® Changing the Way the World Solves Problems Book released in 2008.

Among the many responsibilities that Linda covers to make the Summit spectacular, she will be facilitating a popular TapRooT® Summit forum, “TapRooT® User Best Practice Sharing.” How is TapRooT® being utilized to promote best practices at your facility? Come prepared to discuss these and other issues as we seek to promote operational excellence!

Mark you calendar for the 2009 TapRooT® Summit, October 7-9 in Nashville, Tennessee!

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