April 14, 2009 |

Meet Our Staff: Natalie and Tamara


Natalie (left), Tamara (right)

Natalie, Onsite Training Coordinator for System Improvements, Inc., wears a lot of hats, but she wears them well. “Once the courses are booked, all the information then comes to me and my assistant, Tamara.”

Both having been with the company for three years, they love their jobs. “We work well together,” Tamara said, “and it helps because we have so many details to attend to.”

As Natalie mentioned, once the courses are booked, she and Tamara are responsible for coordinating travel, purchasing, tracking marketing materials, tradeshow exhibits. . .and the list goes on.

“I do a lot of shipping and packing of materials,” Tamara said. “I have to order them all, keep them all organized for where they are going, track them to make sure they get to the right place with all the right quantities, order supplies. . .then I also enter every attendee into the database and print their completion certificates.”

Natalie said they also “set up travel for in-house instructors and work with Train the Trainer, managers, supervisors, software. . .and we work with the refresher and medical courses too.”

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