May 19, 2009 | Barb Carr

Meet TapRooT® Instructor: Heidi Reed


Heidi Reed has over 25 years of experience as a health, safety and environmental professional. She currently holds a Certificate of Safety Management with the American Society of Safety Engineers. She has been an accomplished Regional Health, Safety, Environmental Manager for a major international corporation and has an extensive background in managing and mentoring US-based construction and general industry health, safety and environmental programs. Heidi has successfully utilized TapRooT® to analyze the root cause of incidents and to develop strategic corrective action plans for mitigation of jobsite hazards.

Currently, Heidi is a TapRooT® instructor and a health, safety and environmental consultant specializing in program and safety technician development.

What Everyone Needs to Know about Preparing Emergency Drills

Heidi will be presenting Using TapRooT® to Prepare for Emergency Drills during the Safety Improvement Ideas session the 2009 TapRooT® Summit.

Do your employees know how to respond to emergencies?

Does your company have a methodical and consistent means of planning and implementing emergency drills on an annual basis?

TapRoot® software and proactive training can be used to design a plan for employees to improve their understanding of the importance of drills and of their roles and responsibilities. By plotting ideas and sample emergencies within the Spring and Summer Planning SnapCharts®, the drill can easily move from a Table Top or Functional Drill to the Autumn SnapChart® where observations of the drill will define strengths and weaknesses in the actual emergency response. SnapCharts® can be used to:

• Define the purpose and scope of the drill;

• Define the ground rules for the drill;

• Outline procedures for each position;

• Add new and more challenging problems to the scenario;

• Set up separate drills for various locations, business units, or company functions;

• Designate auditors for each stage of the drill;

• Track strengths and weaknesses as Significant Issues, SafeGuards, etc. in the Autumn SnapChart®.

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