March 24, 2009 | Barb Carr

Meet TapRooT® Instructor: Shane Deichman


Shane Deichman has 17 years of experience as a government civilian employee, working as the Operations Manager for Joint Futures Lab, Science Advisor for Marine Corps Forces-Pacific, and Assistant Lecturer on Homeland Security and Counter-Terrorism Joint Forces Staff College. He created a “Joint Red Team” to provide risk and vulnerability analysis for U.S. Joint Forces Command.

Shane graduated from the U.S. Naval War College with a B.S. in Nuclear Physics, and an M.S. in Management. He is a Certified TapRooT® Instructor, and Board Certified in Emergency Management.

Shane will be presenting “Analyzing the Attack on the USS Stark” at the 2009 TapRooT® Summit. In May 1987, the U.S. Navy frigate STARK was struck by two missiles while on a routine patrol in the Persian Gulf. In this session, Shane Deichman (a former U.S. Navy scientist) will demonstrate the versatility of the TapRooT® problem solving tool in providing a deeper understanding of *any* event.

Learn more about the Summit, October 7-9 in Nashville, Tennessee by visiting our website.

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