February 10, 2009 | Barb Carr

Meet TapRooT® Instructor: Dana Barclay

Dana Barclay, Virginia Beach, Virginia, is a consultant in the fields of safety/security, accident reconstruction, and systems/safety management and training. Before starting his own company, Dana Barclay, Ltd., Dana was in the US Navy for 21 years with various responsibilities as a Naval Postgraduate School Professor, Aircraft Safety Analyst, and a fleet Naval Flight Officer, and toured as a Squadron Flight Instructor. Dana is also the author of various books, including Mishap Investigation Event Sequence Handbook (1990) and Guide to Extreme Cold Weather Operations.

Dana is presenting “Tools to Help Management Evaluate Corrective Actions” at the TapRooT® Summit. In this session, Dana will arm with you vital insights on how to evaluate corrective actions. Below is a summary of his innovative best practice session:

Tools to Help Management Evaluate Corrective Actions

Having options is always good, even while applying a process as powerful as TapRooT®. One size definitely does not fit all. Having multiple “tools” in your “toolbox” enables users to not only approach the corrective action “problem” from different perspectives but also to crosscheck effectiveness so problems go away permanently!

Three highly effective methods of evaluating corrective actions will be “demo-ed” in this session:

1. New SMARTER matrix

2. Corrective Action Helper® Guide

3. Section 10.9.4 of the new TapRooT® Book (pages 390-392)

Why not only reinforce the understanding of these corrective action methods but also solve or improve one which your company has been struggling with or trying to improve on! Selected attendees bringing a “needed/in work” corrective action will apply 1, 2, or all 3 of the method options (with facilitator mentoring), and “walk away” with a permanent, effective problem solution!

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