June 6, 2007 | Barb Carr

Meet TapRooT® Instructor, Ken Turnbull

Prior to joining SI’s teaching staff, Ken Turnbull worked for Texaco for 32 years and lead many accident and incident investigations as Texaco’s Corporate Safety manager. He used and taught the TapRooT® method for over eight years at Texaco and was instrumental in convincing executive management of Texaco the importance of reporting and determining the root causes of all incidents, including near misses. Ken is a CSP, a former member of the NFPA 30 Committee, a former member of the Technical Steering Committee of the Center for Chemical Process Safety and a former Chairman of the API Safety and Fire Protection Sub-Committee. Ken specializes in developing proactive measurements for safety programs, coaching executives in demonstrating management commitment to safety and doing root cause investigations. Ken has taught courses in the USA, Canada, Scotland, and Africa.

Ken is also known for his wry sense of humor, commitment to TapRooT® excellence, and, of course, the pretty pink golf shirt we presented to him at the 2007 TapRooT® Summit.

Thanks, Ken, for your hard work and dedication to changing the way the world solves problems!

Root Cause Analysis
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