June 13, 2007 | Barb Carr

Meet TapRooT® Instructor, Kevin McManus

If you attended the 2007 TapRooT® Summit, it would have been hard to miss this guy:

Kevin Head-1

Kevin McManus taught several informative breakout sessions, including:

Analyzing Frequently Occurring Quality & Downtime Problems

Reducing Frequently Occurring Problems

Best Practices from the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Baldrige Best Practices Handout

How to Develop a High Performance Work Culture

High Performance Work Culture Handouts

And in his spare time at the Summit, he also worked in these breakout sessions:

Incident Investigations – Best Practices

Incident Investigation Bp

as well as the Improving Quality and Processes, Panel Discussion: Comparison of Root Cause Techniques and Lean Root Cause Analysis breakouts.

He also co-taught a pre-Summit course, Advanced Trending Techniques. Best of all, he has agreed to come back and share his experience and wisdom with our 2008 Summit attendees (but we have promised not to work him so hard!).

Kevin is the President of Great Systems! and provides performance improvement coaching from his office in Seattle, Washington. He has served as an industrial engineer, Training Manager, Production Manager, Plant Manager, and Director of Quality during his 23 year business career. He served as a Examiner and Senior Examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for six years. Kevin also writes the monthly Performance Improvement column for Industrial Engineer magazine and is a regular speaker at a variety of regional and national events. No wonder he has so much to share!

Thank you, Kevin, for your hard work and dedication to changing the way the world solves problems!

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