March 17, 2011 | Barb Carr

Meet the Staff! Week 1: Accounting

Ever wondered who’s behind TapRooT® company System Improvements? Now’s your chance to get to know our friendly, hard-working, intelligent staff!

Welcome to the first installment of our Meet the Staff series! Over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce our team to you department by department, sharing fun and sometimes quirky facts.

This week we’ll start with our Accounting Group.

Cathy Dunning hails from good ol’ Rocky Top Tennessee, beginning her work at SI in August 2007. Cathy takes care of our collections and receivables reports, and truly enjoys her friendly coworkers. If she could be an animal, she’d be a fun-loving, friendly walrus with a winning personality!

Cherie Larson has Chicago roots, but she’s lived here in Knoxville over 20 years and worked at SI almost five. Cherie is our SI Controller, making sure our financial records are in order.

She’s passionate about using her in-depth knowledge to build the accounting department here. Rather than be an animal, Cherie would choose to stay human! She’d never give up “the broad expanse of choices available in life and the challenges that come with those choices.”

Brenna Grimm came to us in 2010 from Ohio, the Buckeye State! She’s our accounting clerk, inserting data into our records. She relishes in the comfortable working environment at SI. If Brenna were an animal, she’d be a honu, a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, because she loves sprawling out on those Hawaii beaches!

Liliya Johnson moved here from Moscow, Russia, and began working at System Improvements in June of 2010. She is our Accounts Receivable Clerk, and her favorite thing about the job is the people she works with. She loves cats, so if she were an animal that’s what she’d be!

Debbie Rice, a self-proclaimed “International Citizen,” has lived all over the world—including the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, and all over the Eastern US!

Debbie began working at System Improvements in 2008, managing invoices for TapRooT® courses. She takes joy in the interactions she shares with our contractors. If Debbie were an animal she’d be a small marsupial called a quokka, because of their rarity.

Garrett Boyd grew up right down the road in Knoxville, and began his work at SI last June. He’s one of our accountants, and has fun working at System Improvements with his wonderful co-workers. If Garrett could be any animal he’d be a cheetah, with its fast, sleek hunting ability and keen use of its tail for balance when stalking prey.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit more about our accounting staff at System Improvements. Next week, get the inside scoop on our Media and Editorial Team!

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