April 14, 2011 | Barb Carr

Meet the Staff! Week 5: Tech Support

Tech SupportFrom Left: Dan Verlinde, Zach Guzman, and Steve Raycraft take care of business at their weekly staff meeting.

Ever wonder who it is that answers all your TapRooT® software questions, develops new versions of the software, manages the website, and takes care of TapRooT® tech issues in general? Wonder no more—and meet our Tech Support Team!

Dan Verlinde is from the great state of Michigan and began at SI with a bang on the fourth of July, 2006. He’s the Director of Information Technology and Software Development– a long way to say ‘in charge of everything technology related.’ He loves the diversity of challenges he faces here at SI, including hardware, software, website, and teaching TapRooT®. If he were an animal, this jokester says he’d be Napolean Dynamite’s favorite animal, the “liger…a lion and tiger mixed.”

Steve Raycraft has lived all over the West Coast and began working at SI in June of 2007. He’s a Tech Support Specialist and enjoys the great work environment and the wonderful people here. If he were an animal, he’d be a loyal and playful dolphin.

Zach Guzman comes to us from sunny Sunbright, Tennessee. He began his work here in July of 2010, performing primary external software support. His co-workers here at SI are the biggest reason he loves to work here. If he were any animal, he’d choose to be a llama because, as he says, “Who wouldn’t want to be a llama?”

These fun and intelligent guys are just a few of the dynamic staff members at our System Improvements office. Stay tuned—next week you’ll learn about our Public Course Planning Team!

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