May 5, 2011 | Barb Carr

Meet the Staff! Week Eight: Instructors

Welcome to the eighth week of our Meet the Staff series. It’s been fun to share info on our intelligent, hard-working, friendly staff at System Improvements. This week, learn a little bit more about the instructors that teach you TapRooT®!

Ken Reed is from Watertown, NY. He came to System Improvements from the US Navy, beginning his work here in 2005. He is a partner and Senior Instructor, as well as the point person for Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting Program and course development. He loves working with the “awesome” people at SI due to their great attitudes, motivation, and intelligence. Ken loves the knowledge that he is making an important contribution to others through his job. If he were an animal, he’d be a dolphin—sleek, smart, and always smiling!

Dave Janney is from New Castle, Delaware. He started working at SI in November of2008. He’s a TapRooT® instructor, using his expertise to share root cause analysis with students around the world. He gets great satisfaction in working with people from different industries, having been in his for a full 27 years prior to working with TapRooT®.

Chris Vallee grew up in Georgia and formerly was in the US Air Force. He began working at SI in October of 2007 and is a Senior Associate, Instructor, and Investigation Facilitator. His favorite things about working here are “the people I work with, the people I teach with, and the people I learn from.” If Chris were an animal he’d be a four-year-old dog, just old enough to relax and just young enough to still enjoy it.

Ed Skompski was born and raised in Panama City, Florida. He began working at SI in 1996. He’s currently a partner and Vice President of Market Development. He likes the people he works with, watching customers come to understand TapRooT®, and teaching courses. “The passion and impact we have on our customers is incredible and I love being a part of that,” he raves. If he were an animal he’d like be a cat, resting and enjoying life as it comes.

Next week, learn some fun and interesting facts about our President and Vice President Mark Paradies and Linda Unger, co-creators of TapRooT®!

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