April 28, 2011 | Barb Carr

Meet the Staff! Week Seven: A-Team

A Team

Back Row: Ann, Teresa, Sarah; Front Row: Melanie, Nicki, LJ

Our Administrative Team, or “A-Team” as we call them, manages all our details and takes care of important customer service issues. Our A-Team ladies are the players we put in the game first, when we want the job done right!

Linda Jeffers, nicknamed “LJ,” resides right here in Knoxville, Tennessee. She’s been at System Improvements nine years, since April of 2002. Her job as an administrative assistant allows her to have flexible hours and interact with fun and friendly co-workers. LJ can’t figure out what animal she would be if she could, because she “can’t think of any animal that can survive only on chocolate”!

Mary “Ann” Pruitt is from Knoxville as well. She enters essential information into our customer database and other systems for SI, and has been doing so since March of 2008. Ann’s favorite things about working here are the friendliness that surrounds her and the spirit of cooperation she shares with her team to “get the job done.”

Teresa Petersen is from the east Tennessee town of Christiana. Beginning her work at System Improvements in October of 2008, she loves working with the fantastic ladies of the Admin Team, and enjoys a flexible schedule. When asked what animal she’d be, she says, “I try to keep my animal tendencies to myself.”

Nicki Burwinkle does administrative work and product sales, such as TapRooT® books, workbooks, and other various TapRooT® products. She began working here in September of 2005, and enjoys the great people she gets the opportunity to work with on a daily basis.

Fellow A-Team member Melanie Stansberry is also from Knoxville. She’s been at SI for the last two years, working as an administrative assistant. Her outgoing, sociable fellow staff members are the biggest reason she enjoys working at System Improvements.

Sarah Larson, like many of our staffers, grew up right here in Knoxville. She’s worked here about one year, answering phones, creating invoices, and entering data into the system. Being SI Controller Cherie’s daughter, you know she does a great job! Sarah’s favorite part of coming to work is enjoying the company of her friendly co-workers.

Alison Diggs

One of our longest-time staffers is Alison Diggs. Also from Knoxville, she began her indispensable work at System Improvements in 1996. She currently leads the Admin Team. Alison also heads up the product order process, yearly TapRooT® Summit, and is our one-woman HR Department. When asked which animal she’d like to be, she responds with a smile, “I prefer not to be an animal—I like being the Zookeeper.”

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