May 28, 2007 |

Memorial Day – Let’s Remember Those Who Sacrificed so that We Can Enjoy Freedom

 2004 Memorial Day
Sometimes it seems that our freedom is so easily obtained by most in the US today, that we forget the price that others have paid and are paying. This isn’t to suggest that the price should be higher for all. Rather, that all should stop and remember the price that others have paid to provide the freedom that we enjoy.

 2007 Common Pix Flags-In-Memorial-Day

The other aspect of Memorial Day that we need to remember is the thanks that we owe to those who currently serve to protect our freedom. Even if they don’t have to fight for our freedom, they sacrifice with long deployments away from those they love.

 Memorialday05 Arlington Laying Wreath

So thanks to all who serve from all of us at System Improvements.

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