February 2, 2010 | Ken Reed

Might need a little Human Engineering work…

So I looked into my bathroom at the hotel, and I think, hey, a little small, but OK…

Then I looked a little closer, and noticed something doesn’t look quite right…

Hmm, THIS could be interesting!

I’ve seen accident investigations (not using TapRooT®, of course!) that point to the worker as needing to be more careful.  “Inattention to detail” is the root cause.  “Worker did not keep eyes on path.”  It’s easy to come up with these poor “root causes.”  What we really need to do is find out why the worker was “clumsy.”  There’s a good chance that there was a poorly-designed piece of equipment, walkway, or room arrangement that made it very difficult to do a job correctly. 
I’ll try to avoid hurting myself in this room.  I’ll “be more careful.”

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