May 13, 2020 | Mark Paradies

Milestone Passed – Over 7,000 Posts!

Mark Posts Over 7,000 Articles!

Mark Paradies

This week Mark Paradies reached a milestone – over 7,000 posts on the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Blog.


This didn’t happen instantly. It started back in 2004 when we started to convert from a paper newsletter to all web-based publications.

Before Mark started posting articles online, we published over 100 issues of the Root Cause Network™ Newsletter between 1991 and 2004. (Do you remember getting the paper newsletters by mail?) When we converted from paper to electronic, we had over 50,000 people on the mailing list.


Today we have about 45,000 subscribers on the electronic distribution with about 10,000 people highly engaged (according to Hubspot, our distribution software).

Why do we have fewer people now? A couple of reasons.

First, when someone changes companies, their email is often not forwarded and we lose them from our distribution (we get a box “no longer available” message). Sometimes, people reregister from their new company. Sometimes, they just disappear. Thus, our list is probably more accurate now. (If you move, please update your e-mail.)

jobs gone

Second, many of our subscribers back in the 1990s were in the USA. Many of those jobs disappeared as the US went through a period of losing manufacturing jobs. It was amazing to watch the many factories close and the jobs disappear. We did gain many overseas readers but, overall, we lost subscribers. Perhaps they will start coming back as jobs come back to the USA?

Third, I believe people get overwhelmed with electronic communications. They just can’t stand another email. But they should read this e-newsletter. Why?

Why They Should Read…

I think the reason that 10,000 people are actively engaged with the Root Cause Network™ Newsletter and the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Blog is that we publish information that’s not available anywhere else. This includes:

  • Weekly tips to improve root cause analysis.
  • Information about accidents that you would be hard-pressed to find on your own.
  • Weekly videos about performance improvement, root cause analysis, or stopping human error.
  • Job openings for people with TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Skills.
  • Our famous weekly “How Far Away is Death,” “What Does a Bad Day Look Like?” and “Friday Joke” posts.
  • Updates on regulatory news and regulatory investigations of accidents.
  • Information about our courses, webinars, software, and our annual Global TapRooT® Summit (all of which can make a major difference in your improvement efforts).

And it isn’t just the 7,000 articles written by Mark Paradies. The blog has over 12,000 articles that are written by our other authors, including:

  • Ken Reed
  • Barb Carr
  • Susan Napier-Sewell
  • Anne Roberts
  • Alex Paradies
  • Marcus Miller
  • Steve Raycraft
  • Charlene Turner
  • Tim Diggs

and others.

Help Spread the Word

Spread the word

How do people find out about our blog and newsletter? Mainly from our readers! That’s right. You recommend that others read what we have written.

Do you know anyone who needs some free knowledge about root cause analysis, human performance, performance improvement, or the latest TapRooT® updates? Then recommend this blog and the email-based Root Cause Network™ Newsletter.

To register for the newsletter, CLICK HERE, request the newsletter from the “reasons for contacting us” list, and submit your contact information. (Forward others this link:

They will receive the newsletter every Tuesday. And they will thank you for the information.


Thanks to all the readers – especially those actively involved. Please feel free to comment on all our articles on the blog.

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