June 1, 2009 | Dave Janney

Mining Accident in China – Management Detained

Two Stories:




“Zhao Tiechui, director of the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety, said yesterday that an excessive amount of explosives triggered the accident. Coal mine owners put the emphasis on accelerating construction instead of work safety, he told Xinhua News Agency.”


This is an all too common story in the mines of developing countries.  They’ve already started telling people the cause of the accident and they have “detained” management, including the safety manager.  I don’t think they’ve had time to do a proper investigation!  I wonder if these detainees will cooperate or has their fate already been sealed?

I’m not sure I agree with the approach of this particular government agency, we still hear frequent reports of fatalities in China’s mines, so there is at least some evidence that their efforts are not working.  The MSHA here in the US has proven they can work with companies to solve problems and reduce accidents; hopefully China and the other developing countries will someday catch on and develop a process to improve safety.  Just locking people up after an incident is not good enough.

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