February 5, 2007 |

Monday Accident and lessons Learned: Do Criminal Charges Stop Accidents? Do they Address the Root Causes???

See: http://www.cnn.com/2007/LAW/02/05/boat.overturned.ap/index.html

Do you think the criminal charges are addressing the root causes of this accident?

How would you know?

Are criminal charges revenge or do they keep future accidents from happening?

In this case they are charging the owner with having too FEW crew on board and OVERLOADED boat. The requirement was to have two crew on board. They only had one.

How would have an additional crew member kept an overloaded boat from overturning?

By the way, the boat was loaded to its “certified” maximum load minus the one crew member. But the certification was outdated after modifications had made that reduced the boat’s stability.

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