July 6, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident and Lessons Learned: OPG Safety Alert About Offshore Diving Near-Miss


Country: null

Location: OFFSHORE : Other offshore

Release Date:

Time incident occurred:

Type of Activity: Diving, Subsea, ROV

Type of Injury: null

Function: null

Applicabale Filter Categories: System/Equipment failure

  • Surface air dive to -34fsw
  • Bail-Out bottle contained mixed gas
  • Diver bumps control valve allowing gas to hat
  • Supervisor immediately switches to HP back up air
  • Abort dive – diver to surface – no harm

What Went Wrong?:

  • Content not analyzed – only checked for pressure

Corrective actions and Recommendations:

  • Bail-Out contained 14% HeO2– emptied-charged with air
  • Bail-Out bottles will be analyzed for content at the start of project
  • Bail-Out bottles that are used for mixed gas will be:
    • Supplied by the dive contractor (no personal bottles)
    • All bottles will be color coded
    • All bottles will be labeled with % of mix
  • Pre-Dive Checklist will include a Bail-Out Drill

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