February 9, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident and Lessons Learned: What is the Hazard and What is the Safeguard?


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

We in TapRooT® Courses, we teach a technique called Safeguards Analysis that can be used reactively in an accident investigation (to help identify Causal Factors and to help evaluate and develop corrective actions) or proactively in a process improvement program (to identify Hazards, safeguards, and Targets and improve system reliability).

Sometimes people have a hard time understanding what a Hazard is. Hazards in the terminology of Safeguards analysis are usually a form of ENERGY.

So looking at the picture above, identify the Hazard and Target.

Next identify the Safeguard that is keeping the Target safe.

I’ll post the answers in a couple of days as a comment.

NOTE: this Monday Accident and Lesson Learned is about an accident that has NOT happened. The lesson learned is that if we can spot the Hazards and the Targets and come up with reliable and perhaps even redundant ways to keep them separated (Safeguards), we can avoid accidents. And in most cases, we can do this proactively.

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