October 15, 2007 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lesson Learned: Demolition Worker Killed in Singapore – Brother Says “No One Knows” Who Is To Blame

I saw a recent story in the Singapore News with the following quote:

Mr Chew’s brother-in-law, Mr Peh Eng Hup, said: “I heard that debris had piled up on the 17th floor. Maybe it was too heavy for the slab, so it gave way, and he happened to be below. But who’s responsible, no one knows.” Police and the Manpower Ministry are investigating the incident.

Again, responsibility and blame are the first thoughts – (instead of finding the root cause that can be – a should be – corrected to prevent these kinds of accidents).

Lesson Learned: Stop looking for who to blame and start looking for what needs to be improved.

Even better, look for improvements BEFORE acidents happen and become proactive!

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