February 13, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lesson Learned – Equipment Reliability Problems – The Root Causes May Not Be Maintenance Related


Question 1: Is this an accident or an “on-purpose”?

Question 2: Will this truck have future equipment reliability problems?

Lesson Learned:

If your root cause analysis tools don’t help you look at equipment problems caused by human performance, you are probably missing a MAJORITY of the root causes.

That is why TapRooT(R) and Equifactor(R) are such a powerful combination.

Equifactor(R) – the best equipment troubleshooting tools from Heinz Bloch.

TapRooT(R) – the best human performance troubleshooting and root cause analysis system from System Improvements.

If you want to find the real root causes of equipment failures, then the 3-Day TapRooT(R)/Equifactor(R) Course is the root cause failure analysis course that you must attend.

Here’s a list of upcoming TapRooT(R)/Equifactor(R) Courses:

2-Day TapRooT(R)/Equifactor(R) Equipment Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis Course

April 3-4 Gatlinburg, Tennessee

3-Day TapRooT(R)/Equifactor Equipment Troubleshooting & Root Cause Failure Analysis Course

March 15-17 Brussels, Belgium

April 25-27 Calgary, Canada

May 3-5 Gothenburg, Sweden

May 3-5 Houston, Texas

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