January 30, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lesson Learned – Should a Fire Fighter Know Better?


The video is dramatic.

But shouldn’t a fire fighter know better than to use gasoline to start a practice fire?

One of the first safety lessons learned in power boating is that gasoline vapors are heavier than air and will collect in the bilge to create a hazardous situation.

I even remember the accident where a guy was cleaning paint brushes using gasoline in his garage (door shut) and the fumes found the water heater pilot light. Boom! He survived but his garage and house didn’t (garage blew up, house burned down).

I thought, everyone knows this … then I watch the fire fighter engulfed in flames.

Maybe everyone doesn’t know …

Maybe this would make a good movie to show for off-the-job safety? (Or on the job safety is your workers handle gasoline.)

Lesson Learned … Just because you think something is common knowledge doesn’t mean that everyone knows about it or thinks about it. Make sure that you continue to communicate what you think are basic safety lessons.

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