April 16, 2007 |

Monday Accident & Lesson Learned: The Deposition

I was looking on-line for video footage of the BP Texas City Explosion and I ran across the BP Texas City Explosion web site site up by Brent Coon, an attorney handling one of the lawsuits filed against BP.

What an eye opener!

If you work in safety or management of a highly hazardous facility, review this site in detail. Read the depositions. Watch the videos. Think of how you could answer the questions if something was to go wrong at your site.

Especially watch these three videos of deposition:

Kathleen Lucas – Operations Manager at BP Texas City

Joe Barnes – Head of HSSE at BP Texas City

Bill Ralph – Head of Process Safety at BP Texas City
Are you adequately trained to perform your job? How much training in process safety and root cause analysis do you need? Could your qualifications stand up to a deposition?

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