April 7, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Aviation Accident Investigation

Low Approach-1

Aviation is often mentioned as an example of a high-reliability industry. Yet accidents continue to occur.

There is much to be learned – good and bad – from the many investigation processes and reports published around the world. So this posting will review some of the web links that investigators may review.


First, there is the international aviation accident investigation standard: ICAO Annex 13 – Aircraft accident and incident investigation. You can find about 1/4 of it on-line at:


Or you can purchase it on-line at:


The International Civil Aviation Organization – Air Navigation Bureau also has a Accident Invesigation & Prevention web page at:



Another aviation accident investigation manual that is available on-line is the NTSB’s Aviation Investigation Manual for Major Team Investigations. See:

Many countries have their equivalent of the NTSB. A list of national aviation investigation boards with links to their web sites can be found at:


These links should keep you busy and lead to many other sites with more information on aviation accident investigation.


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