May 14, 2007 |

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned – Blackberry Outage Shows Need for IT Root Cause Analysis

Several of weeks ago, the network that carries BlackBerry messages went down. Why? That’s a question for a good root cause analysis.

For details see these articles …

What is the lesson learned? That IT folks need thorough, systematic root cause analysis as much as safety, equipment, environmental, or hospital quality improvement people do.

One common root cause analysis problem is that investigators stop with the symptoms of the failure and call these symptoms the cause. The don’t dig deep enough to find the true system root causes. They don’t know the questions to ask to get beyond the symptoms.

That’s one of the benefits of TapRooT® – it helps investigators get beyond symptoms to the fixable root causes and generic causes of accident, incidents, qiality problems, equipment failures, and even IT problems.

For more information about TapRooT® see:

And for a success story about improving network reliability at BellSouth, see:

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