May 12, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Blast at Louisiana-Pacific Strand Board Mill in Thomasville, GA, Injures Six, Causes Plant Outage, Could Have Been Prevented


The Press-Register reported that teams of investigators from OSHA, the state fire marshall, and Louisiana-Pacific were investigating an explosion that injured six workers. Louisiana-Pacific spokeswoman Mary Cohn said:

“They have begun the process of conducting the root cause analysis, but it’s too early to say.”

Cohn said it wasn’t the first such accident at one of the company’s oriented strand board plants.

“We have had some smaller fires in the thermal oil areas, but none of this magnitude,” she said.

My Comment…

Sounds like its time to be more proactive and use advanced root cause analysis to investigate smaller fires and perhaps do proactive audits before there are ANY more fires.

Whenever you have had previous smaller incidents and you then have a major accident, there is something wrong with the response to your previous incidents. The 15 Questions on the front side of the Root Cause Tree® point the investigator toward the MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – Corrective Action Near-Root-Cause Category.

Lesson That You Can Learn

This accident should make you think …

Am I doing all that I can to learn from smaller problems?

Will my responses effectively solve the root causes of problems so that big problems will be prevented?

Are my corrective actions fixing symptoms or the real root causes of the problems?

If you don’t have good answers to the questions above, perhaps now is the time to attend a TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course BEFORE you have a major accident at your facility.

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