January 5, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Can Tug Boat Accidents Be Prevented?

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There is an interesting article at NY Tugmaster’s Blog about mistakes, experience, and the inevitability of accidents.

I hear what he is saying about experience being needed to know what to do to avoid accidents. Good judgement comes from experience. And experience comes from bad judgement!

Perhaps there are some other causes of accidents other than “bad judgement” that could be addressed if advanced root cause analysis was being applied to really learn from accidents rather than just passing along sea stories…

We have several barge, tug, and shipping companies (including Reinauer) applying TapRooT® to analyze the real root causes of accidents, incidents, and near-misses and implementing effective corrective actions to improve performance and greatly reduce accidents. Let’s hope we get to the point that experience is not the only teacher or the only safeguard between a good day and a tragic accident.

Remember, every near-miss with potential serious consequences is an opportunity to learn and prevent a major, costly accident.

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