December 6, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: “Clumsy co-pilot caused plane to dive”

See the original article by Chloe Turgis is here:

Here are some excerpts in case the original article is taken down …

A plane’s dramatic nosedive was caused by a co-pilot accidentally pushing a button while adjusting his seat, a report by India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation stated on Monday.

But the captain managed to save the plane by taking the controls back – only after using an emergency code to enter the cockpit again, since his co-pilot panicked and was unable to let him back in.

The clumsy 25-year-old co-pilot, working aboard an Air India Express flight from Dubai to Pune in India on 26 May, had ‘inadvertently [pressed] the control column forward’, according to the official report into the incident.

The report also says that the co-pilot “probably had no clue how to tackle this kind of emergency”, adding: ‘Appropriate action shall be taken against the involved crew’.

Do you think that Air India Express missed opportunities to improve?

Was a “clumsy co-pilot” the root cause of this incident?

Are other 737’s configured the same way so that it is easy to push the wrong button when adjusting your seat?

Has security been compromised since the fact that there is an “emergency code” to enter the cockpit became common knowledge as part of the reporting on this incident?

What training should a co-pilot have before they are qualified to fly?

Is taking action against the crew really going to solve this problem?

Should the press look harder at accident reports and point out the nonsense of blaming those involved rather than fixing system problems?

Lot’s to learn from a aviation incident in India.

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