May 22, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned – Even Test Pilots Need SPAC (Standards, Policies, and Administrative Controls)

A TapRooT(R) User, Rick Brower of Occidental Petroleum, sent me this video. He said it is old (1992) but still applicable.

Click on the video below to play…


Here is the note that was attached to the e-mail that he forwarded to me:

If this is true…This is why we have Pre-Flight Checklists not to mention WALK AROUNDS!

Not doing a solid preflight is a real goof on top of the control lock goof. Yikes.

This happened just north of Winnipeg, and the aircraft was the first version with PT-6-67 Turboprops.

The Canadian DOT concluded that the control locks were still locked when the aircraft took off.

You who have flown the Caribou wonder how that could have happened But this aircraft was being modified (still restricted category) and the throttle quadrant was not properly rigged to accommodate the throttle levers for the turbine engines.

Three persons were on board; two test pilots and an engineer.

The Lesson Learned seems to obvious to mention. SPAC Not Used leads to accidents.

Hope that you can use this to drive the point home.

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