October 26, 2015 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Hand Safety Summary


What have you learned from the accidents and videos about hand safety that we have posted over the past two months?

IMA Finger & Hand Safety

Severe Hand Injury – What is the Root Cause?

Hand Safety from the Associated General Contractors of America

Offshore Hand Safety

Clean Hands Teaching Moment

MSHA Hand Safety Video (a regulator’s view)

Drilling Job Specific Hand Safety Video

Maritime Hand Safety Video

The Legal Aspect of a Hand Crushing Injury

One message that was consistently repeated was be aware of where your hands are and don’t put them in harms way. But is this enough? Removing the hazard, removing the target (the hand), or guarding pinch points seems like a better idea.  Here are seven questions to consider:

  1. What can you do to get rid of jobs that have a high rate of hand injury?
  2. Can you remove people from jobs that have a high risk of crushing hands? Or can you at least get their hands out of the way?
  3. Have you looked at jobs proactively to asses the risk of hand injuries?
  4. Have you made a site specific hand safety video that shows the risks and the things that people should do to avoid the risks?
  5. Do you people know when to wear gloves, what kind of gloves to use, and where they are kept?
  6. Is looking for hand hazards a standard part of your pre-job safety analysis?
  7. Do you do a thorough root cause analysis on hand injuries that looks for root causes and corrective actions that go beyond: “Be more careful next time?”

And if you want to see some gross pictures, just Google “hand injury” and click on the images tab. You will see why you should take hand safety seriously.

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