October 1, 2007 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Instant Root Cause Analysis for Instant Answers

Think about the TV coverage of the latest disaster. Before the rescue was complete, I would bet the TV anchor interviewed some expert and discussed the most likely cause of the disaster. Before the day was out, the anchor was interviewing a politician who had figured out who was to blame. (The leader of the opposition party!)

Watching this type of TV coverage has convinced me that in our 24 hour news / instant answer society we can’t wait for real answers. We must have instant root cause analysis!

Now for the good news … System Improvements has an instant root cause analysis tool!


Whoa! You can’t use a spinner to analyze serious accidents! True. And you can’t have an expert tell you the cause for an explosion before the fire is out. Also, you can’t solve any problem by instantly placing blame (the common political answer).

However, if you really need instant answers, Spin-A-Cause™ is available at the store on at the TapRooT® web site.

So the next time you watch the news and an expert starts speculating on the cause of an accident (without investigating the accident), just imagine that they have a Spin-A-Cause™ held just out of sight.

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