September 17, 2012 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Learning from Fatal Car Wrecks

Consumer Reports published an article about teenage and older person fatality rates. They had this graph…

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Here is something interesting that you can learn …

Did you know that the human brain doesn’t fully develop the ability to assess risk until about age 25? Now look at the graph above. Look at the fatality reduction post age 25.

Now think … what are you doing to keep your (<25) year old workers safe in all situations where they make make poor risk decisions?

In our family we did what the article recommended – a graduated driving program.

First, kids weren’t allowed to obtain their full licenses until they were 17.

Next, we talked to them extensively about the risk of driving before we let them start driving independently and kept that as limited as possible (no friends in the car – only family for the first year). We did a lot of “critiqued” driving with them even after they had their full license. We also had them take advanced (beyond high school drivers ed) classes put on by our local police.

And we didn’t get them high powered vehicles.

How could you take the same approach with young employees?

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