December 18, 2006 |

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Minor Accident or Near-Miss?

Below is a Safety Flash that was released after a minor incident. Let me know what you think.

What was the root cause of this minor incident?

Was the corrective action adequate?

What else might you have done to improve on this safety flash?

Thanks for your comments and for the person who sent the safety flash to me for this blog.


October 2006

Subject : Burst Vehicle Tyre (Manufacturer FALKEN )

What Happened:

A tractor and trailer arrived onsite to off load materials. The vehicle and trailer was parked for approx. 3 hrs prior to unloading .

During unloading of shell plate three (3) employees were standing alongside the trailer near the underbed carrying frame of the spare wheel. Without warning the spare wheel burst causing minor scratches to the thighs of the 3 employees.

Description of Product: Vehicle tyre manufactured by FALKEN 12.00R 24- 18PR.156/153 k Radial

Safety Warning : Always check spare wheel and tyre for damage or overinflation.

A check of the tractor and trailer operational tyres revealed all MICHELIN radials were in good condition. Lessons to be Learned: The seperation and release of wire strands and / or parts of the main tyre component at high pressure has the potential to cause damage, puncture of the skin, damage to property.


  1. Daily inspection of vehicle tyres including the spare may seem onerous or over the top to some drivers. The stringent requirements have been developed to safeguard personnel from faulty equipment if they are followed .
  2. Ensure equipment is fit for use and conforms to approved standards
  3. Vulnerable components guarded to protect others against impact damage, puncture of the skin damage to property.




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